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Rugs as a Determinant of Home Atmosphere

Placement rugs in living room will make the atmosphere more cozy. Rugs, generally, gives sensation of softness on the footrests. Additionally, rugs can also give nuance to specific area or connect some furniture that is scattered.

Some things to consider when applying the Rugs, among others:

  1. Select the size and shape. In the market there is a rectangular shape, round, and square. Selection of rugs should consider space of room and shape of furniture.
  2. Placing carpet. Placement can be done in the middle, angled, or below the TV shelf.
  3. Choosing an appropriate texture and color with the concept of home. In the market there are many rug with various textures, such as rough, smooth, soft, until the fiber. Similarly, the diverse colors.

In the past, rug is a luxury, besides the price is quite expensive, we are also difficult to obtain motifs that match with our tastes. Now, rug is not a luxury anymore, almost every home has at least 1 or more rug. Besides having many styles and motifs, the rugs also have different quality according to the price and usage.

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