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Lifestyle Can Increase Breast Cancer Cases

Breast cancer is one of the most deadly disease being experienced by women. As if not frightening enough, now comes another new fact: one in eight women will develop breast cancer. Estimated, it is triggered by obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, and age have children who delayed.

The researchers from Cancer Research UK suggested the importance of caring women, to more care their health by reducing alcohol drinking, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Studies conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund in 2009 showed that more than 40 percent of breast cancer cases could be prevented if women change their lifestyles. “Prevention must come from two sources: a commitment to research on the causes of breast cancer, and women themselves have to equip themselves with information about the risk of this disease,” said Dr Greig, from Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Taken from: www.surya.co.id

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