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How to Create a Living Room with “feel good” effect

The concept of a living room is in an ever changing mode. The Living room is defined as a place to entertain adult guests. However this definition of living room is outmoded as it is not the only place where residents of the house entertain and do social functions. There are other places like the family room, entertainment area, multi-media room, breakfast nook and the likes. If you do an analysis of the living room you can see that there is lot of difference from what it was few years back.

An important aspect to consider in the living room is its decoration. For decorating living room, one needs to have his own idea as to what is required in the first place. One needs to develop their own style of decoration at the same time incorporate ideas of family members as well. The Living room can be decorated with the age old wooden furniture or the more contemporary white furniture. Whatever the color or theme you choose the main aim should be to create an ambiance of comfort. One need to choose furniture and accessories that fit in with their lifestyle.

One of the latest trends in living room decoration is the use of white gloss furniture. Such furniture not only looks beautiful but also can fit into any décor theme. Consider using a white TV unit like the Kristina white one drawer TV unit or a white display cabinet like Chateau white painted display cabinet where you can display all your favorite artifacts. You can complement this furniture with a white coffee table or a white mirror to provide more glamorous look to your room.

Incorporating sights, sounds and scents in the living room is a new trend. Choosing white furniture as the theme can make the room more alive and restful. Displaying some interesting pictures and portraits in cabinets, setting up an indoor water fountain to bring in the sound of nature, or decorating the room with lavender scented candle all can add to the beauty of the room.

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